Saturday, August 23, 2014


So, this is Adelaide Turner, my fan self fro Camp Half Blood.  If I were in a Percy Jackson book, I'd probably be this daughter of Ares.

On another note, my brother just left for college.  I'll see him Christmas, but I feel sorry for his dog.  They were thick as thieves. 

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

So, question thingy.

So, I got nominated by a person to do this weird answer eleven questions deal thing and decided to actually pay attention and do it for the sole purpose of amusing my particularly bored and zap-fried brain.  So, apparently there's a list, and I'm just copy-pasting things to actually try to keep things in order as I write.  You're welcome for the expanse and sneak peak into my particularly large brain.  Not large as in fat, but large as in a well exercised Macho brain of epicness.

The list:
Thank and link back to the person who nominated you  
-Hey!  Nadd!  Thank you for including me in your list of activities, though I'm not quite sure why you did.
Answer the 11 questions asked by the blogger who nominated you  
And... here's where I'll interject with more stuffles to answer, and we shall continue with the list after these are done.

Quaestio Prima: Do you have a favourite band/artist?
Actually, not really.  Pretty much anything that my older siblings or my parents turn on in the car.
Quaestio Secunda: Is there a specific period/classification of art/architecture that you enjoy?
Vincent van Gogh for art and maybe Gothic or ancient Roman for the architecture.  Have you ever seen the detail on the Colosseum?
Quaestio Tertia: What makes you tense?
Spiders in the same room as me.  When the parents pop up and sit down in front of you with their soft voices and the 'we need to talk' kind of faces.
Quaestio Quarta: Do you have an opinion on Urban Fantasy?
Depends on the plot.  I'll read anything if the writing is good and the plot is pleasurable.
Quaestio Quinta: What about Snakes?
I know you posted this to torment me.  I kind of hate you for it.  Kill the snake.  Keep it away from me.  I will destroy it with fire and then display the charred hide in a museum in a country far, far away from me.  And then declare nuclear war on said country, destroying the museum with said snake inside.  Keep them away from me.
Quaestio Sexta: One creature of all those mythic and material is yours; what do you choose?
Cool, I get a pet.  It has to be trainable and not taken away from the Government, able to be hidden and have a long life.  Fawkes!
Quaestio Septem: Do you love or hate a certain number?
I don't like most of the names of numbers or their symbols.  I like the way 4 and 7 look, though.
Quaestio Octavo: Can you sing?
Absolutely.  Mine voice is the voice of angels serenading the earthly pizza men to send up a Chicago style eight slice.  In other words, I will move you to bitter tears and extract them for my evening tea whenever I wish.  Be prepared, victims.
Quaestio Novem: Do you have a favourite book?
Book Thief.  I'm going to slap Nadd for saying he's never seen or read the Book Thief.  Nah... Too interested in other things for that.  Like my evening tea and this amazing Chicago style eight slice.
Quaestio Decalogi: Do have hate for a certain movie?
Batman and Robin.  No elaboration required.
Quaestio Undecim: What is the most heinous pickup line you've heard/seen?
"Hey, baby, do you want to see my ridiculously tanned abs?"
Nominate 11 bloggers who have fewer than 200 followers 
Nope, I only know my buddy Lynds, so she can do this if she so desires.  Hey, buddy Lynds!  Come do this amazing thing.
List 11 facts about yourself
Simple enough, I'll just give you pointless information that will not reveal the inner workings of my deranged mind!  Muahahahaha!!
1.  I have FABULOUSLY red hair that looks amazing waking up, put up randomly in a rubber band, taken down after hours in a rubber band.  Either my hair is magic or my confidence is amazing and I have no idea what hair should look like.
2.  I paint my nails, then hate myself for it later when I realize I have never invested in nail polish remover.
3.  Makeup?  Makeup is for the insecure!  ...Except when there are particularly nasty zits at hand.
4.  I still sleep with my prized stuffed animal.  THIS IS NOT LOOKING INTO MY DERANGED MIND.  Kind of.
5.  I believe that BBC makes better Television than America.  They win the TV award.
6.  I HATE Game of Thrones.  Someone told me it was amazing, but it's literally -not figuratively- all about sex.  Yuck yuck yuck yuck yuck.  Tasteless, flavorless fantasy book written all about genitals.  Get lives, people.
7.  Kids are way more fun than adults.  WAY more fun.  They have imaginations, will enjoy stories I read them, can be cruel, but are always open to morals or new ideas to consider.
8.  I have a scar on my upper lip that I don't remember getting but that I've had for as long as I can remember.  I also have nicks over my knuckles and a scar on my wrist.
9.  I really really hate thinking up eleven things to try to talk on about myself.  Someone fetch me a book instead or get me tea.
10.  I can draw epically.  Gimme a drawing contest with a pencil in hand and I'll beat you.
11.  I like spinny skirts.  Spinning is fun, and spinny skirts make it funner.
Ask them 11 questions
Mind if I don't?  Okay, fine, I've already listed Lynds, so I might as well.
1.  Cats, yea or nay?
2.  Do you have a special toy/creature/animal/object that you would never ever want to lose in a million years?
3.  Percy Jackson or Leo Valdez?  Honestly, Jason doesn't stand a chance.
4.  Did you know that the Japanese word shi means four and death?  Yes or no.  And elaboration if you want.
5.  If you could spend a week in any book series with any powers and any position, which one would it be?  You wouldn't take a character's place.  You'd  be another person in the book.
6.  How long do you spend getting ready to go out?  Like, to the mall or even just to the library.
7.  If you had words to make a day for you, what kind of day would it be?  If you wrote an essay on one day, how amazing would it be?  What would happen?
8.  Do you still play with legos?
9.  What's the most amazing thing you've ever created with your own two hands? (Unless you don't have hands and you have to work things out awkwardly with your toes)
10.  If you could magically change anything about you, would you change yourself, and if so, what would you change?
11.  You buy tickets to comicon for your entire family, but there's a delay and as compensation, they send you five extra tickets!  Who do you take with you?  (I'd better be somewhere on that list.  ^-^)
Let them know about the nomination 

Sunday, October 6, 2013

My Art

This is some of my art, that I do in school.  The second one is completely ink, so I'm proud.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

A Child's Foe

How can the most beautiful thing in the world fade?

How can the world change so easily to a different shade? 

Why do the words and things you loved

Melt into the shadows like fleeting doves? 

Why should life be any different than it was years ago?

And why must a child's every breath be his only foe?


Sunday, June 9, 2013

Ignore this. is a link to a contest I'm entering. Doing this just gets me extra entries, so ignore it.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

A thirty day challenge to see what my life amounts up to.  One picture taken daily.  Let's see what people think of me.

 photo ProfilePicturesandLyndseysBook005_zps8bfb545d.jpg